Lofoten - the adventure land

Short-trip to Lofoten proved that the amazing potential that the Northern polar cap has for outdoor adventures is limitless. This amazing landscape is not only picturesque but serves as a natural amusement park for outdoor people throughout the year.

Sharp peaks rising straight from the sea turn out to be heaven for trail running, mountain biking, hiking and climbing. Surfing spots and the fragmented shoreline extend the possibilities from mountains to the sea. There are so many options around here that it can get overwhelming when you're trying to see as much as possible in short period of time. So, where to go when you're heading into this Disney Land?

Svolvaer is a good place to start your journey. According to Lonely Planet, it's a good place to eat and refuel but the magic of Lofoten lies elsewhere. True to some extend but actually you'll not that far away from the magic. Svolvaer can serve as an easy introduction to the rest of the islands. The mountains of Frosken, Flöya and Blåtinden lie just behind the city and provide amazing scenery throughout the islands. You'll find your needed services from the city below and you're still quite close to the amazing outdoor possibilities from the rest of the Lofoten.

Heading west from Svolvaer you'll end up to Vestvågöya which is known among the mountain bikers and surfers. We had a short visit over there where we hiked and biked Justadtinden (738 m). There's a singletrack going all the way to the top and the difficulty varies from easy to very technical. Enjoying the clear weather it was hard to stay on brakes enough while the trail started to roll down toward the parking lot. After biking beers at Henningsvaer were perfect ending for the great day.

Next day was spent climbing on warm and sunny weather. We enjoyed ourselves on the most beautiful location imaginable. After the climb we still had energy to hike up to Frosken behind the Svolvaer on sunset. We only had a two days to stay but that was enough to fall in love with this magnificent place.

If you've ever wondered if you should go here, grab your stuff and you won't be disappointed. There are a lot of guide services around and you'll find guide books from the stores at Svolvaer. For mountain bikers out there, check out Backcountry Guiding Norway for the best trails out there.

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