Snowsurfing on Nadasurf powderboard

Snowsurfing in Lapland

Some while ago I saw a film from Petran, Turkey where snowboarders Alex Yoder and Nick Russell found out that the origin of snowboarding might just be linked to that village. The film was beautiful and inspiring showing how the local villagers enjoyed gliding on snow with planks of wood nailed together. This had been their tradition for 300 hundred years.

Snow surfing in Lapland

The simplicity of things often make things better. On snow surfing, just like in surfing, you’re not attached to your board. The feeling that you get from gliding on top of deep snow with just a board on your feet is just different – it’s challenging but so much fun.

Snowsurfing in Lapland

We had a chance to try up snow surf from Finnish Nadasurf. These boards are handmade by Kosti Simula, a designer and carpenter who started to develop boards for getting surfy and more challenging way to ride powder especially on smaller hills.

The model that we we’re trying was the Fish – which has a directional tapered shape with full rocker base profile. It’s 145 cm long, got a wide 350 mm nose and 300 mm tail. In a sense it’s a somewhat big board made for deep snow and big turns.

The conditions were on our side as we had a lot’s of dry powder around this was a perfect moment to test it on the conditions were it was build for.

Snow surfing in Lapland

And boy it was fun. The Fish was swimming under my feet like it was glued in there. Wide nose provided enough force that the board started to float even in slow speeds and I could slash turns where I wanted. Besides I like the looks of it, it’s just a beautiful piece of work.

Snow surfing in Lapland

If you got interested be sure to check out for more.

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