Skin based powder skiing

We got a chance to test new skis from Skinbased with their upcoming model XCD GT. These things are equipped with bindings that you can strap on any of your normal boots and permanent skinbase in the middle of the ski.

Skin makes it possible to have enough traction to ski without a hassle and accent uphills. There's not enough traction to start skinning like with your touring skis but you'll get up quite okay with these things.

The idea behind is the simplicity and it works. Just strap them on your feet, grab your poles and head into woods and hills.

We were curious to see how they ski on powder and found out that it was somewhat challenging but so much fun at the same time. As I was making linked telemark turn trough the forest I couldn't resist the thought of Sondre Norrheim slashing trough his local forests back in the days.

The idea behind telemark skiing in my opinion is the simplicity and Skinbased has clearly succeeded to find that missing link that in some point seems to have forgotten with the ongoing product development.

Besides playing on your backyard, XCD GT excels in variety of tasks like having a backup skis attached to your sled, to be used as an approach ski for climbers and an all round tools for snowy backcountry.

Check out the video how they worked. From our point of view they earn Highly Recommended rating for anyone needing tools to move in the snow.

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