Antte Lauhamaa Riksgränsen

Riksgränsen in North Sweden is the world's northernmost ski resort, 200 km above the Arctic Circle where the mountains of Sweden, Norway and Finland meet. The ski area itself is relatively small by world standards. It offers a 500 meter altitude difference from the top of the mountain to the base. The area usually gets a great amount of snow because it is located only 6km from the Atlantic Ocean. Also for this reason the resort is legendary for its off-piste skiing that is easily accessible from the lifts. Riksgränsen has six ski lifts which provide an access to this world class freeride terrain.

although the resort is quite remote it can be access by train and by car from both Sweden and from Norway. Norwegian city of Narvik is only 42km away and on Swedish side of the border the municipal Centre of Kiruna is 130km away. In Narvik there is also a ski resort and ski resort called Björkliden is only 30km away from Riksgränsen.

Antte Lauhamaa Riksgränsen

Riksgränsen has some of the best freeride terrain of north and the Scandinavian Big Mountain Championships have been arranged there annually since 1992.

The nearby mountain called Nordalsfjäll, 1051m usually has a boot track going all the way to the top. Here Antte is thinking back to his old feats on this Mountain (2003 he won the Scandinavian big mountain championships in telemark skiing)

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