Mountain biking in Lapland

Kilpisjärvi is a small village in border of Finland, Sweden and Norway. It's famous of hikers coming in during the spring and summer and heading out into wilderness area that has Finland's highest peaks and beautiful arctic landscape.

Mountain biking has been growing enormously in the past years. It's more and more common to see folks around on their bikes, even the older guys and girls seem to enjoy of it. Development of bikes has made it easier to get on saddle and head into trails.

In the far North of Finland biking hasn't been developing yet too much and there aren't that many bikers around. There are only a some marked mountain biking routes in Lapland but hiking paths are all around.

Saana is well known landmark that stands right next to village of Kilpisjärvi. It has an original shape reminding of a mushroom and serves around 500 meters of vertical for recreation.

Saana provides technical mountain biking for advanced riders. The old trail has seen thousands of hikers throughout the decades and makes nice challenging terrain for bike. It's not speed trail (unless you're into it) but more of a stay on brakes and roll over rocks and drops stuff. Besides you'll get to enjoy beautiful arctic mountain scenery reaching up to Sweden and Norway.

It's worth noting that mountain biking is not allowed everywhere and you should find out the regulations of the area that you're heading. Officials are slowly noting the popularity of mountain biking and the fact that it doesn't wear the ground more than hiking. Usually it is allowed to move in trails by your own means, meaning that motorised vehicles are prohibited. You'll find more information about this from Finnish national parks website.

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