We people are strange animals. We have a tendency to want more and more without a limit. Our whole economical system is basically based on this idea.

In nature there are no other rules but the rule of adapting. Adapting means taking responsibility of our actions and playing with the odds on hand. Sometimes it seems to be hard for us since we're so used in our 'what you see is what you get' - thinking. In nature there's no room for our hopes and wishes - things just are as they are.

If you want to accomplish something, say climb up to a peak, ski a mountain or accomplish something that is ruled by a wild nature - the only thing to do is accept the facts and prepare for them. This means that you need to train for the objective - by learning what it's going to take to accomplish the objective and prepare yourself accordingly.

Hiking up to peak in Tamok

Miika Vuorio takes last steps to the summit. What a sweet sweet reward this accent had.

You will get what you give but sometimes you'll not getting even if you've done everything right. In nature there's no other way to deal with this but accept it. And these are the moments when we learn best, not only of the circumstances but about ourselves.

Nature is best teacher of good life. It's straight, simple and sometimes cruel. Work hard, be humble and patient and when the time is right, go for it. And when you make your decision to go give all that you got.

Istinden, April 2016

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