Welcome to We are passionate about great outdoors on every season. We ski, bike, hike, run, climb, paddle and use any necessary means to get out there, as long it leaves minimum impact on nature. 


Trail To North is about life and adventures in Scandinavia. We play out there throughout the year. Climpses of these moments are seen on these pages. 


 Nature is not only our playground but a mother that nurtures us. This should not be taken for granted and that's why we try to take responsibility of our actions and always try to give back what we've taken. 

In case you're interested in skiing, mountain biking, hiking or running adventures in Northern Scandinavia, want to learn about safe trip to mountains, need high quality imaging and stories or just want to get out there with someone who's been there before, give us a note and let's plan ahead. 

Antte Lauhamaa

Antte Lauhamaa is a father and a husband - a freeskier and an outdoor enthusiast. Antte is also a certified avalanche technician, FINLAV/SVELAV avalanche instructor, ski patrol and wilderness first responder. He has over 20 years of experience from Scandinavian mountains and fells on skis.


Antte loves human powered adventures and stories. If you need a guide, outdoor instructor, photographing storyteller, or just plain old good company he's the guy to contact.

Jaakko Posti

Jaakko Posti is a photographer/filmer. He is also a Sony Alpha Global Imaging Ambassador. Living in North Finland right at the Arctic Circle outdoor sports have been part of Jaakko's life from a very young age. That love for the great outdoors sparked his interest to pursue photography. Over the years, that interest has grown into a passion.

A keen mountain biker, skier and outdoor enthusiast. A true professional in outdoor imaging at your service. 

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